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  • Moving pictures

    Film clips from around Spain

    Slow? No go

    Who doesn't like a bit of speeded up video? (You? BLA BLA BLA, not listening.) Here we take the notoriously slow Feve train - from Solares to Santander in 2 minutes.

    Vispera Fiestas de Estella-LIzarra. Musica para el concurso cordero al chilindrón

    Coro de Quejas

    Lavapies performance from November 2016. This project, based at Madrid's Casa Encendida, set common Madrileño complaints to music

    Tapapies 2016

    Tapapies comes to Madrid's most vibrant barrio every October but it's not just a celebration of food

    Badajoz - Merida by train

    The train service in Extremadura is a source of frustration for locals. Here we lend Renfe a hand in hand in speeding up the service.

  • A bit about us

    Just some reflections on a country we love

    There's two of us behind this blog, but I'll leave the OH to introduce himself. Meanwhile, I’m Debbi and I live in Madrid – where I tell people I’m called Deborah (which I am in fact), because it seems to be easier. After the fifth time of being called Betty or (worse) Bebby, I soon figured that out.


    I lived here before between 1997 and 2003 when I was an eager, young twentysomething. I moved back in 2016 to escape the hideousness of Brexit – older, probably not any wiser, but equally loving this amazing country.


    I work as a freelance writer and CSR consultant, but mostly what I love to do is eat, cook, travel and then share my discoveries and random ramblings with you lovely people. That’s what this blog is about. I hope you like it.

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